Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Europe: London Day 2

So far, we woke up around 8 am after I was not able to sleep all night. Got ready, ate breakfast and checked out of our room. We were instructed that in order to get to Russell square, we would need to take the Piccadilly line metro. We get to the station and purchase our tickets. As soon as I go through, Aff and her bag get stuck in the entrance and I fall trying to pick up my bags over the stairs. Already a bad morning and it's not even noon. Sitting on the metro, we realize how far we are from our destination. I already hate London.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Europe, Day One: London

After a long flight, we land in London, only to already hate London. $170 converts to 100 pounds, ridiculous. We also find out how cold London really is and that we should have probably packed more winter clothes. Cab was already 25 pounds for a 15 minute ride. Fuse was out in our hotel room so it took us forever to get it working again. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! Good night!