Sunday, July 18, 2010


Kate Alice Uggla-Gervais
Now that I have told the entire universe knows your name, I just want you to know I miss you.

It's really weird how spending just one summer, 5 weeks, with someone can bring you so close. Kate was my Spain buddy, and when we spent the weekends apart in Spain, we would write each other (ok really, she would write me... because she's a writer). I wrote things too, like "I had to go." But Kate wrote me letters about her weekend in Barcelona and icebars. I miss those weekends where we could just travel to another country like it was no big deal. I remember leaving one of the "discotechs" in Madrid early one night because I had to break into a bathroom stall and save Kate from too many Sangrias. I really didn't mind doing that because I know Kate would have done the same for me.

I remember throwing parties on the balconies in the Colegio and having late night study sessions on that balcony that over looked sweet, beautiful Madrid. I remember staying out until 7 a.m. one night because we missed curfew, and went to get churros and chocolate at a little cafe instead. (In Spain, everything pretty much stays open all night). I remember going to Club Kapital and getting lost on each floor of the 7-story club. I remember going to tapas restaurants and Volcano bars. I remember how the Pink Panther really opened my eyes to the world and allowed me to see my experience in a foreign land, like I was a local. I remember dear, sweet Roberto Roberto guiding us through the shops of Morocco, through the gypsy caves of Granada, through the signing of Ronaldo, through taking us to the beautiful city of Toledo, all the way through to the day we left Madrid at 6AM.

I miss my Angel Friends: Chelsea, Jessica, Emily, Kate.

I remember how much fun all us Angel Friends had during our visits to Morocco, Rome, Madrid and all over Spain. I remember arriving in Rome only wanting to eat some McDonald's but having the hardest time explaining to the taxi man what was Mikki-Donald's. I remember staying in a camp with sweaty Germans dancing and getting drunk at the bar/club on site. I remember staying in a tent with my boyfriend, Knasty in Rome. I remember roaming around the Vatican. I remember the Sistine Chapel. I remember the beautiful Spanish steps, the Colosseum and the Trevi fountain. I remember drinking lots and lots of Sangria and wine. I remember Hotel Metro, which caused so many issues from day one. I remember the cat in the airport. I remember running through the airport to catch seats on AirRyan. I remember Ryan. I remember walking through the shops of Morocco and being afraid of getting rapped the whole time. I remember Kate and I purchasing matching biff rings. I remember the land of rugs. I remember the spice shop. I remember eating cuscus while the little indian man played with fire in front of us. I remember going to the beach in Morocco. I remember riding a camel. I remember dancing with the mariachi band. I remember the poo-poo bandit. I remember all misadventures.

It's weird to think that a year ago today, I would be in Spain. I miss those 5 weeks more than I miss anything else in my life.

It's good that all of us live in Georgia and so close to one another, but it's also sad that we don't all hang out nearly as much as we should.
Kate traveled all the way to Florida to visit me, and when she moves to California, I'm going to go visit her. She just needs to stay in Georgia for sometime. Kate is the best boyfriend I've ever had. I got cards from her on my birthday, on valentine's day and sometimes just for the heck of it. I've saved them all.
I see Chelsea more than any of the other angel friends. I really like her as a person and I really think we have a lot in common. I love hanging out with her, I just wish I lived closed to Atlanta so I could go see her all the time.
I've seen Jessica a couple times since I've been back, and she's such a sweetheart. She's gone through so much in the past year and she is so strong. I know she's going to be successful and I want her to decorate my house.  =]
I've seem Emily a couple times as well, but its weird that I don't see her more often. We went to the same school and she worked right next to me and lived near me. But we still don't see each other enough, can we change this Emily?

That's it for my reminiscing on Spain. I just really miss it, today more than other days.

<3 Farah

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